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If you are looking for the convenience and style that bi-fold doors can bring to your home, then you have come to the right place.

With the help of bifold doors UK, you can blur the line between indoor and outdoor spaces, helping the interior of your home to feel airy and open.

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Whether it is patio doors, entrance doors, timber doors, or aluminium bifold doors you are looking for, we can help you find the door of your dreams.

All of our bifold doors are energy efficient, come with a comprehensive guarantee, and meet all standard building regulations without compromising on aesthetic appeal.

We have years of experience in installing doors in a wide range of living space types across the UK and are proud to offer some of the best doors in the country.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best bifold doors manufacturers available. Whether it is price, extra features, value for money, or flexibility, each of these brand names has something valuable to offer customers.

If you are still not sure which company makes the right style of door for your needs, though, just get in touch with our team for a free quote, and we will help you make the right choice of folding door configurations.

Bifold Door Brands

There are many different brand names out there, and different installers offer different features.

Here are some of our favourite manufacturers of stylish, classy folding door designs that are sure to offer you something worth considering.

Schuco Bifold Doors

Schuco Doors, known for their German engineering, slim sightlines, and premium, ergonomic handles, are one of our favourite bifold door brands.

These doors are a favourite option for many households because of their distinctive sleek lines, remarkable smooth opening, and luxurious door handles.

Schuco bifold doors are available in a wide range of different styles and configuration options, all of which are very high-quality doors.

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Schuco Bifold Doors is a dependable and elegant solution for your house, with a reputation for quality among glazing specialists.

This brand has set many industry standards, with easy installation to seamlessly connect your garden and house into one well-lit, airy space.

Express XP88 Bifold Doors

With some of the slimmest, slickest, and classiest designs on the market, Express XP88 folding doors are some of the absolute best aluminium bifold doors available today.

They offer slim sightlines and a precision-engineered construction that makes these aluminium doors a lighter, tougher alternative to French doors for any high-traffic door situation in need of a touch of class.

They are secure and water-tight aluminium windows, with additional threshold options for better insulation and energy efficiency available as an optional extra during installation if you want.

The build quality on these doors is some of the best around, making them ideal for any UK resident who wants the light and airy window effect of a folding door without having to worry about security in any way.

Express XP88 create some of the most reliable, effective components out there, from hinges to locks, and these aluminium bifold doors offer the perfect balance between style and safety.

They offer triple glazing on the glass, with very low U values, to protect your home from sun damage during the summer, too!

Solarlux Bifolding Doors

A popular, award-winning brand of bifolding doors, Solarlux bifolding doors are generally regarded as some of the best bifold doors available.

They have an excellent reputation for advanced technology and precision-engineered design, with silent running gear in the sliding doors elements and smooth opening throughout the lifespan of the doors.

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The premium features of these doors’ design do not impact the price as much as you might expect, and this company make some of the best door panels for anyone who wants to create a really classy space that maximises the light that passes through their bi folding doors.

These bi folds have a high sash height and a slim profile, maximising the glass and minimising the aluminium frame components to keep them as unobtrusive as possible in all configurations.

Alunet (Alutech) Bifolding Doors

The Alunet bifold door range provides an exceptional combination of design and performance features. External bifold doors from Alunet include two to fourteen folding panels, as well as highly secure burglar-resistant hardware and a slick style.

These outdoor bifold doors come in a variety of colours, materials, and sizes, allowing them to be customised to fit any area.

The two-panel doors will fit a narrow doorway, while the larger end of the range, with up to fourteen panels, will work for an entire frontage, allowing you to create the widest possible opening between your house and garden.

Alunet bi-folds have the industry’s largest sash sizes and narrowest sight lines, making them beloved by homeowners and installers alike.

The glass used has very low U values, far better than that of most bi folding doors, and the entire package is precision engineered for a premium patio doors setup that is sure to keep your home looking classy and refined.

Sieger Systems Bi Fold Doors

Sieger Systems bifold doors are excellent for individuals looking for cutting-edge design and high performance.

These doors have narrow, unobtrusive sightlines of only 30mm, a capacity of up to 14 sashes, and the option of triple glazing on the glass.

Sieger Systems bifold doors enable a smooth passage between interior and outdoor living spaces, letting in plenty of natural light.

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Thanks to the natural wood effect finish of these bifolding doors, a full installation of Sieger systems bifolding entrance doors looks naturalistic yet classy, blending perfectly with homes in more modern or traditional styles alike.

There is a range of price points available, and we can work with you to create your perfect Sieger systems bi folding doors set-up.

Bifold Door Brands

Origin Bi Folding Doors

Origin Bifold Doors is a well-known bifold door manufacturing company that specialises in aluminium bifold doors.

Origin prides itself on supplying high-quality sliding doors with a variety of customisation choices, including narrow sightlines, premium handles, a range of running gear options, and additional optional outstanding woodgrain treatments and finishes for the aluminium surface.

The 20-year guarantee period for its bifold doors demonstrates the brand’s dedication to quality and customer happiness.

This is a premium bi fold door brand with the expertise to back up the price tag, and simply one of the best bifold doors manufacturers around at the moment.

Origin Bifold Doors is a brand worth considering when choosing the perfect patio doors for your house, with an emphasis on beauty, security, and performance.

They offer the full package and can help you create the perfect smooth opening between your home and garden space.

Centor Bifold Doors

Centor bifold doors is a premium brand with some of the highest prices on the market.

However, they back up that price tag with some truly exceptional engineering and manufacture, making for some of the most attractive and smoothest opening bifold doors and windows available at the moment.

Centor doors offer a distinctive symmetrical design, with all of the hinges and other mechanisms cleverly concealed inside the door frames so they are not visible at any point.

This brand of bi folding door also offers built-in insect screens and privacy shades, allowing you to stay private and secure with full control over light levels in your home, even with the largest possible windows built into their doors.

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Sunflex Bifolding Doors

Sunflex is a UK-based manufacturer of sliding doors that has been around for more than 20 years and has earned a great reputation across the globe (not just in the UK!) through hard work and consistently excellent products.

They offer aluminium and UPVC bifold doors, all designed with an eye to aesthetic appeal and smooth operation.

Despite having been around for such a long time, Sunflex is known for staying on top of all relevant technological advances and ensuring that all of its bifolding doors are built with the newest and most effective technology fully incorporated.

Sunflex sliding doors are among the most flexible and customisable in the industry, with a huge range of different sizes, designs, materials, and finishes available to ensure you can get the bi folding door of your dreams.

Reynaers Bifolding Doors

Reynaers Aluminium offer some of the largest and airiest aluminium and glass bifold doors available, engineered for practicality without losing sight of aesthetics.

Their glass panels are some of the largest in the industry, allowing for door panels of up to 3 metres in height!

Because of their design’s versatility, they can put together solutions with a single traffic entrance to provide quick passage in and out of your home and garden without the time-consuming need to unlock and fold back the full collection of panels.

They can also provide doors that open in either direction, with a flexible choice of panel numbers, as well as doors that fold all the way back to stack against the same wall or divide so that some fold to one side and some to the other.

Overall, Reynaers are some of the most flexible bifolding door options available, with a remarkable focus on engineering and innovation to allow you to open your door however you prefer.

Aïr900 Bifolding Doors

Aïr900 doors, a brand of Everglade Windows, manufacture energy-efficient bifolding door designs that are built with a focus on easy user operation and maximising your usable living space.

Their doors often win design and engineering awards, and the company offers excellent after-purchase care, too, so you do not have to worry about future issues arising.

Air900 sliding doors self-identify as “the Rolls-Royce of sliding doors” and pride themselves on premium design, smooth and intuitive user operation, and impressive thermal performance.

These doors are secure and well insulated, ensuring that you stay safe and warm in your home even during the winter, despite having a large glass surface replacing an entire wall.

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Which Brand of Bifold Doors are Best?

There is no single best manufacturer of bifolding doors.

Many high-quality bifold door companies exist, and all of those on our list are among the best available. Each of these has its own unique advantages, making different companies better for different customers.

Depending on what your unique personal needs are, you might find that one door brand is an easy choice, or it may be harder to choose.

Get in touch with our team at the start of your bifold door-buying journey, and we will help you to work out which brand of doors is the best choice to meet your particular needs and preferences!

Who Manufactures Bifold Doors?

For the most part, bifold and sliding doors are manufactured by Schuco and Alunet.

This is because bifold doors are essentially giant windows with some additional hinges and openers integrated into them, all of which are technological features that premium window manufacturers have the expertise and experience to excel at designing and installing.

We have listed a few of the best manufacturers of bifolding doors above, and all of these are great starting choices if you are considering this style of door for your home.

bifolding doors FAQ'S

What is the Best Bifold Manufacturer in the UK?

The UK is lucky enough to be the home of some of the best bifolding door manufacturers in the entire world, meaning that clients are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking the best doors in the country.

All of the companies listed on this page are the best in some way, each offering particular advantages and unique features.

Which one is the single best choice will depend on your unique situation: think about your specific needs and preferences, and pick the company that best focuses on the areas that are a priority for you as a homeowner.

If you are still unsure which bifold manufacturer is the best for you, get in touch with our team today, and we will help you with every step of the door purchase process, from choosing the right brand to the installation process itself.


Here at Bi Folding Doors, we offer a huge range of doors from the very best manufacturers. Each of the door manufacturers listed above is one of the best in the country, with high-quality products, great engineering, and aesthetically pleasing design.

No matter what your tastes are or what the specific design requirements of your home may be, we are sure to have something available to fit your requirements.

Whether you are looking for a classy aluminium finish or a more rustic wooden frame for your bifold doors, we can help.

Get in touch with us today for a free quote, and our team of experts will help you start your journey to buying and installing the patio doors of your dreams!

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